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Consolidating telecom services allows for all of your services to be handled by one or more vendors that specialize in what your business needs most. Consolidation will help your firm cut costs and provide an easy solution for telecom expense management. In order to select the best plan of consolidation for your company, you must first analyze the options available.

Telecom Consolidation Options

Select a Tier 1 Telecom Vendor

By selecting one major provider you can easily manage your telecom services. This will also cut down on invoice paperwork and reduce the time your office staff must deal with providers. Having a single vendor to handle telecom services also mitigates the possibility of billing errors and error management.

Pursue Niche Telecom Vendors

This option allows you to choose several vendors with specific telecom service expertise. Using niche providers ensures your service will be the most up to date and reliable. Niche vendors are typically more agile than larger vendors so you can still see lower monthly costs and simpler telecom expense management.

Choose a Vendor That Offers Telecom Bundles

Bundle pricing may only provide you with a few choices, but in some cases the prices associated with bundling can’t be beat. Bundling allows you to get the service you need at a discounted price, all on one bill. Since you will be dealing with a single vendor, telecom expense management will be simplified.

Deciding to Make the Switch

Once you have decided which option to use to consolidate your telecom services, you must then select the vendor or vendors that best suit your needs. Unless you are completely unsatisfied with your current providers, reach out before making the switch. They may have the ability to help you consolidate within their services at a great price.

Performing a telecom audit can determine where your current providers are lacking and where they excel.  Switching providers can come with costs, you need to make sure these expenses are manageable. Here are 3 things to consider before consolidating your telecom:

  • Specific Needs:Your Company will grow and adapt to market changes, therefore you must select a company you can grow with. Your new provider should have the ability to scale services up or down depending on your growth rate. When choosing multiple niche providers, consider which services your company relies on the most.
  • Cost:If a service plan seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always consider the soft costs in addition to your monthly fees. Choose a provider that is upfront with set up, upgrade costs, and maintenance fees. Choosing the cheapest provider may not be the best way to go.  You want the best service at the most reasonable price, not necessarily the cheapest price.
  • Collective Improvement: Consolidating your telecom service should improve all of these basic factors: quick and accurate customer service, simplified invoicing, improved capabilities, coverage and options.

Remember, telecom consolidation has a wealth of advantages if you are willing to take the time to thoroughly review your options. Simplifying your telecom expense management will save your firm time, money, and headaches associated with handling multiple providers.

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